Eating Our Greens

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Just a quick shot of today’s harvest. Tender rainbow chard, mustard greens, lacinto kale and red Russian kale. Papa Bird quickly sautéed them in coconut oil. Greens that fresh don’t need a lot done to them.


Not that long ago, he and his friend, Mark, built a new raised bed by the house. They used a new (to us) technique called hugelkultur, a permaculture practice of layering wood and soil “like a lasagna”.

Here’s a link to another blog with some more on hugelkultur: click here. I like that their chickens look a lot like Bebe and Butters, and that they have a toddler helping, just like Little Bird helped Papa and Mark. Plus she dug up the yard while babywearing! (And I thought I was crunchy for babywearing while composting diapers!)

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