GIVEAWAY: Ergobaby Wrap Carrier

I am very excited to host my biggest giveaway yet! In partnership with my psychotherapy business, Abigail Burd, LCSW, I am raffling off an Ergobaby Wrap. I believe firsthand in the benefit of keeping baby close and wearing a them in a hug.

win an ergobaby wrap

For the parents that already love babywearing, what makes this wrap unique is that it is a hybrid stretchy wrap, half way between a stretchy wrap (like a Moby) and a woven wrap. It is literally made of yoga pants material. So imagine the comfort and gentle compression of your favorite yoga pants. The wrap is perfect for newborns. Since it keeps it’s shape better than other stretchy wraps it will also last you longer and work for bigger babies.

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For those that can’t wait until the end of the contest, or if you don’t win and want to buy a wrap, now is a great time. I have a promo code for 20% off the Ergobaby Wrap and the Ergobaby Swaddler. EnterĀ ocnewborn at checkout.

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35 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Ergobaby Wrap Carrier

  1. Take care of my toddler!

  2. If I had a wrap/carrier I would go hiking with her, and use it at the grocery store!

  3. Sounds interesting, would love to try it out.

  4. If I had a baby carrier, I could walk my dog(s), make dinner, work on crafts, get around the house a little easier, and go to the grocery store without having to worry about carrying the big car seat. Thank you!

  5. I would love a wrap for running solo errands. Hands free would make everything easier (and faster!)

  6. Having an Ergobaby wrap would make it easy to take my baby girl out and also to get many things done at home with her on me.

  7. Babywearing makes life possible! I love cooking when I wear! (Btw, there is no #2 yet, but I’m planning ahead!)

  8. This is awesome ! I never knew that ergo made a wrap :) would love to win this !

    • And I just saw that I was supposed to write what I’ve done while wearing my babe… I LOVE having a carrier for getting on/off planes and being able to be hands free to get car seat/stroller etc! (We travel alone a lot baby and I) .. And hiking with her on my back was amazing too ! :)

  9. I would love to go on walks with Addison, i currently use the stroller but when you live in a big city it get pretty hard to maneuver

  10. Hopefully I’d have less back pain while carrying a baby if the weight is centralized!

  11. If I had a baby carrier I would wear my little girl during the day! She is due in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to wear her!

  12. I would take my baby on more outings! I’m limited to using public transportation and it just isn’t so easy to be hauling a stroller around. Baby carrying is the best! I do household chores carrying my baby and he just loves it, especially since he has been extra clingy lately!

  13. Stephanie Moss

    if I had a baby wrap I would wear it everywhere and would say goodbye to our stroller.

  14. Katie Skifsatd

    I hang laundry on the line a lot while baby wearing. Now little man likes to run around the yard, but baby #2 will need a place to be next summer when I hang up laundry again!

  15. I’m sharing this post since mine are too big for carriers, but, OMG that photo of you carrying the baby makes me want to have another baby. Not really, but kind of. : )

  16. I wore my baby while working from home. She napped on me and I was able to get work done on the computer while getting my baby snuggles.

  17. I wore my daughter just because I liked the closeness and cuddles. I would wear her all the time when we were just hanging out around the house. Now that she is a very active toddler and we are getting ready for baby #2, I plan on wearing baby while playing with/chasing/trying to keep up with her:)

  18. Would love to have a great wrap to start baby wearing and have my hands free to take care of housework, the dog, etc!

  19. I’ve attempted doing housework while carrying my baby in another type of carrier…one with buckles and straps and clips, she hated it! This would be so much more comfortable for her, she loves to snuggle!!

  20. It was the way I got my daily exercise – take baby for a walk and she’d fall asleep and I got my hear rate up without the fuss of a stroller (that she hated!)

  21. I do pretty much everything while baby wearing. Our new baby boy just turned 2 months old and doesn’t want to be put down. Ever. I would never be able to keep up with our 2.5 year old without baby wearing.

  22. I would love this as I could do much more than I can right now. I use my one piece sling rarely, as my son Odin is very long at 3 months! It’d be nice to be able to cook, clean, go to the bathroom WITHOUT always having to hold him!

  23. Summer Gallant

    I would love to try this out!

  24. I would be able to take care of my 5 year old & do stuff around the house much easier with my newborn!

  25. Rebecca Parsons

    Being able to baby wear and take care of things around the house would be great. You can sweep, straighten up and do dishes.

  26. How very cool. My baby is 7 now. I miss things like this… holding him close. LOVE!

  27. With a wrap carrier we’d be more inclined to go on more walks, hikes, etc.

  28. Go shopping and run errands

  29. i have done everything from cooking and cleaning to going to sporting events!

  30. I’m pregnant with my first and would hope to use the wrap carrier to do all my normal housewife duties as well as going for walks and more recreational stuff :)

  31. Tamara Sonaty

    This would be a great gift for my daughter! She is expecting her first child in a couple of weeks!

  32. These are so good for busy moms

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