Thank You gDiapers!

Hi friends, sorry for the short lapse in posting. We took a trip up to the mountains to take Little Bird to play in the snow, and I took a mini trip to visit my sisters.

I wanted to start off by sharing my thanks to gDiapers! I had let them know about my posts on setting up a cloth diaper changing station and on composting diapers. To be honest, I was secretly hoping they would share one or both in their social media. Kelli at gDiapers surprised me with such a lovely response to the posts and asked if she could repost the one on composting the biodegradeable refills on the gDiapers blog. You can see my guest post here. Well, Kelli surprised me again by sending a sweet thank you note and a gift to Little Bird.

She sent two cute, cute printed gPants and a pair of gLegs! As you can see in the picture Little Bird was thrilled, too.

I know at least one person is going to ask what she is wearing and where you can find them so here ya go: The diaper she is wearing is called gSweet. As I mentioned in the cloth diaper post, most of the prints are limited editions, usually sold only on their website. I did find a few more of this print on Amazon in large and small. gLegs are made by Baby Legs exclusively for gDiapers, and there are still a few available on their website here. So cute! Who doesn’t love leg warmers? And they are great for potty learning.

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